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Mrs. Dipika Gawas

Mrs. Dipika Gawas

(Principal Vidya Niketan School)

‘Education is not a preparation for life but a life itself’ -Prof John Dewey, American progressive Educationist.  A school is a home away from home.  Most of the student's working hours are spent in school learning in various dimensions from books, teachers, peers, and the environment.   We, at Vidya Niketan, are committed in maintaining and enhancing the quality of education. We focus on the well-rounded development of students and involve opportunities for students, teachers, and parents, with an emphasis on imparting values and using innovative teaching methods: As the proud custodian of Vidya Niketan. I am honoured to share our commitment with the able management of Tata Motors Employees’ Education Trust to align our educational practices with the National Education Policy (NEP) for the betterment of our students, teachers, and the entire school community. 

The NEP envisions a transformative education system that empowers students with a holistic set of skills, fostering their overall development. In line with this vision, we are excited to enhance our educational landscape:

Holistic Learning: We are dedicated to providing a holistic education that goes beyond academics, nurturing the physical, emotional, intellectual and social well-being of our students. Through a         well-rounded curriculum, we aim to produce individuals who are not only academically proficient but also equipped with essential life skills.

Activity-Based Learning:  To breathe life into the NEP's vision, we are shifting towards activity-based learning in key subjects like English, Maths, and Science. This approach ensures that students actively participate in the learning process, making education a vibrant and engaging experience.

Language Development:  We recognize the importance of language proficiency in fostering effective communication. Hence, we are actively encouraging a reading culture within our school, aiming to enhance vocabulary and language skills among our students.

Mathematics along with reasoning: Mathematics will no longer be confined to textbooks and traditional methods. We are introducing innovative activities to make the learning of math not only challenging but also enjoyable, promoting a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Values-Based Education: The NEP emphasizes the incorporation of values in education. Our curriculum will be designed to instil values such as integrity, empathy, and teamwork, ensuring that our students grow into responsible and compassionate individuals.

Teacher Training and Collaboration: Our educators will receive continuous professional development to equip them with the skills required to implement these changes effectively. Collaboration among teachers will be encouraged to share best practices and innovative teaching methodologies.

Parental Engagement:  We believe that education is a collaborative effort, and we invite parents to actively participate in their child's educational journey. Regular communication channels will be established, and workshops will be conducted to keep parents informed about our initiatives.

In adopting these changes, we aim not only to meet the standards set by the National Education Policy but to exceed them. Our collective efforts will shape a generation of well-rounded, values-driven individuals who are ready to face the challenges of the future.  

I am confident that together, we will make Vidya Niketan as a beacon of excellence in education.

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